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Charcuterie Cups For Catering

A perfect hand-held treat for your guests at any gathering! Our Charcuterie Cups feature imported artisan cheeses, cured meat, crackers, fresh seasonal produce, sweet bites, and more!

They are a crowd pleaser that is guaranteed to have something inside that everyone can enjoy!


Our Charcuterie Cups are available in quantities above 12 and will be displayed in our Get Plattered Boxes (12 Cups Per Box) or a rentable Display Stand.

12 Charcuterie Cups (serves 12) | $180 or $15 per person

24 Charcuterie Cups (serves 24) | $360 or $15 per person

36 Charcuterie Cups (serves 36) | $540 or $15 per person

More is Better! Larger Quantities of Charcuterie Cups Above 36 Available Upon Request.

We can accomodate for dietary restrictions. Please speak with a Platter Master before placing an order.

Looking to have it delivered? We can help! Our team guarantees that your Charcuterie Cups will arrive exactly how they’re suppose to!



Elevate your event with our Clear Acrylic Stands that fit with any decor! We offer these stands as a 3-day rental for only $25 each. Simply return the stand(s) to our shop after your event!

Each Clear Acrylic Stand holds twenty (20) Charcuterie Cups and makes for a beautiful and convenient display for your guests!

Accidents happen! If the Stand is not returned in the condition that it was rented out in, we will charge a $100 replacement fee.

Ready to move forward? Simply click “Order Now” below and choose Charcuterie Cups within the Catering section. Next, add the add-on “Clear Acrylic Stand”! Viola! Now #LetsGetPlattered!